Red Interactive owns suites of products which consist of:

Property Management Software
i-Residence is a software that helps property managers to receive collections, automating management processes that eventually reduces office paperwork. The system is designed to save time and enables property management to interact conveniently with their owners and tenants.

Loyalty Solution
i-Loyalty Solution focuses on helping organizations acquire new customers, improve customer loyalty and retention and extend the life-time value of the customer base through strategic loyalty marketing programs. Our Loyalty Solution provides an online web and mobile platform to help organization deliver a powerful, engaging program that the organization’s customers will enjoy.

Accounting and Inventory Solution
i-Accounts is an integrated accounting and inventory management software which is developed and designed for business owner operators who want to manage business accounts, improve inventory management and better manage customer-supplier relationships. The software is bundled with an advanced business reporting for owners to track their accounts on a daily basis.

Electronic Commerce Portal Solution
i-Commerce is a high performance, scalable electronic commerce solution for fast-growing and large businesses. i-Commerce is ready-developed with enterprise-class features and the flexibility to create an online commerce solution tailored to one’s business needs. It’s designed to help businesses drive more traffic to their electronic commerce store, convert web browsers into buyers and boost online revenue.

Integrated CCTV Surveillance Solution
i-CCTV is an integrated CCTV surveillance solution designed for businesses to increase their security measures. i-CCTV is bundled with web online features which allows business owners to monitor their premise through dynamic IP cameras which supports video storage and playback. With i-CCTV, business owners will be able to track their business premises remotely.